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Meet the team

Introducing the Dogs of the Globe establishment team:

Leigh BurneyFounder I have been privileged to have always shared my life growing up with many much loved pets. I was able to then share this wonderful experience with my children as they grew up and they now continue this with their families. My memories are of loyal and loving dogs and the greatest pleasure for me was always in seeing them safe, secure, happy and well cared for. Seeing so many dogs over the years that have not had this certainty in their lives has always been extremely difficult to witness and even harder to accept. I have reached a point in my life where I have the skills, experience and absolute determination to not just stop the awful suffering of so many dogs but to see as many of these dogs as possible safe, secure, happy and well cared for. Dogs of the Globe is about millions of people who feel exactly the same, who can unite to create a powerful force for change and to deliver the respect and care that all …

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